In the weeks and months ahead, the physical distancing period we are going through will be over. Through a mix of vaccination, herd immunity and new habits born from protective measures, we will soon flock back into our office buildings, en masse.

Yes, we’ll have to reconnect with a bunch of things we previously took for granted and gradually got separated from due to the pandemic: our commutes, our habits around the coffee machine, our favourite spots at the cafeteria or other lunch places, interacting with colleagues and clients.

This post will address how some lessons from warship crews’ performances…

The Gamification framework we are using was created by Andrzej Marczewski and consists of three phases: Define, Design, Refine. There is a video at the end of the post if you’d prefer a different/complementary way of engaging with the content of this post.


A proper gamification process starts with a problem to solve. On our major events: Leadership Summer School and Youth Trainers’ Academy (YTA), we often have a lot of participants (30+) and trainers (6+). …

About a week ago, I organised an online training event aka TRAM which stands for TRAiners’ Meeting. It’s a training event for trainers willing to develop their knowledge and skills. The theme of the event was Training Event Development — Best practice sharing. I could write a lot about the event and what we managed to reach. The day after the end, I got the following message from one of the participant. With his approval, I’m publishing it here.
Herve Tunga

Tired but happy — the faces that made it to the end.

Hi Herve,

It’s been 12 hours since the e-Trainers Meeting (e-TRAM) on Training Event Development-Best Practices ended. The buildup…

In any given learning experience, learners should come out with some solid theoretical foundation: models, processes and practices allowing people to better understand themselves and the world. Learners should gain the ability to repeat on their own positive results from their insights and qualitatively improve of their work and/or life away from the training environment.

A trainer should look at the following questions to decide whether to deliver a session on a given topic:
— how do I feel about it?
— how much do I know?
— how experienced am I?
— how skilled am I?

When a reasonable…

Do you know how much influence your work environment has on you? It has a positive or negative impact on your mind, your daily activities, interactions with colleagues and clients, and productivity. Look now at your work place. How organised is the space? Where are you sitting in the office? Where are your colleagues? What is the noise level? These are just some elements we experience every day at work. Curiously, we tend to get used to them after some weeks and rarely think back. Let’s discover some of the factors which nudge towards productivity.


The 21stcentury started in a world’s economy which like to describe itself as Darwinian. It’s actually another, Herbert Spencer, who coined the term “survival of the fittest” by transposing Darwin’s biology concept to his own economic theories; a re-branded concept which justifies that modern start-ups have to single-mindedly grow and acquire as much market share as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. Some centennial companies take the same concept to make it mean crushing mercilessly any form of competition to keep their position as market leaders, and cheat if necessary. Wouldn’t it be better to move towards cooperation?

At times we face personal or professional challenges. We want to conquer our fears, control strong emotions or try to escape from them. On the other hand, we all have in mind successful individuals, praised for their achievements. Think about Leonardo da Vinci, Martin Luther King Jr or Bill Gates (a list can be found here); they demonstrate great abilities, acquired over a long period, in solving improbable challenges despite close to zero chances of success. We then talk about predisposition, perseverance, motivation, divine intervention or dedication. But what is really the source of inner motivation? How can we influence…

How would 2018 look like to a person who lived in 1918 or even 1968? One of the elements which can differentiate these periods can be linked to more systemic creative processes set in place to creatively solve problems human kind encountered in the past, or created. Innovation is mainly about applying an open and receptive creative methods, and technologies, to bring forth changes in the form of services, products, solutions, that will impact part of, or the whole, society. Stay tuned to read about decoding idea generation!

Creativity is still perceived as a gift disseminated to a chosen few…

You have been asked to supervise an intern or fresh colleague on a project you are familiar with. According to you, the tasks s/he will perform are simple even though they may take some time. However, the intern keeps coming back with tons of basic questions and imperfect implementations. You feel it is becoming a burden on your own tasks. For projects lasting more than a few weeks, you will find yourself with this big dilemma: let the intern learn and rise through the challenges or do the work yourself to get rid of the annoyance. Though the person has…

Knowledge has been all around us from the beginning of times. Integrating it, passing it on and managing it has made possible all the advances we have nowadays. By knowledge, we mean a set of expertise, and skills acquired by a person or organisation through experience or education. Here is a reflection to move knowledge towards decision.

In business, being knowledgeable tend to give an edge on various transactions. It brings certainty and security to the present. It also provides useful hints on the near future. Knowledge is also a double-edged sword which can lead to paralysis, when we receive…

Herve Tunga

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